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Advanced features

Change the engine power settings

Press the menu icon on the map page (to get to the map page press the back arrow < on the scan QR code page). Press the settings icon (2nd from top) and then move the slider to the engine profile setting that you want on the slider bar.

The icons have the following settings

Max speed 13 km/h 18 km/h 24.2 km/h
Acceleration 10 s 8 s 4.3 s

Rent a bike by swiping a card

To do this you need to connect a physical card to your account. Choose which card you want to use (travel card, credit card etc.) and check that it is going to work by swiping it over the QR code on the back of the bike. If the light goes yellow and then red, this means that the bike is capable of reading the card. Then, using the app, rent a freebike. Then Press the menu icon on the map page (to get to the map page press the back arrow < on the scan QR code page). Press the profile icon (1st from top) and then press REGISTER CARD. Your telephone will connect to the bike via Bluetooth and when the connection has been made the back light on the bike will start to flash blue and you will be invited to swipe the card on top of the blue light. A message in the app will tell you when the process has been completed. If your telephone cannot connect to the bike, turn your bluetooth off and then back on again. If you are still not successful, try on another bike.

Generate electricity by braking

Whenever you brake gently, the engine does the braking rather than the brakes and this generates electricity. You can see how much electricity is being generated in real time by connecting the speedometer which you do by pressing the speedometer icon after you have rented the bike. If you want to see how much electricity you have used or generated on each ride you can go to the menu, press the third icon from the bottom and you will see how much energy you used and generated.

Understanding the map

You can pause a rental anywhere. The red area is the area in which you cannot end a rental except at a virtual or physical station. Everywhere else you can return a bike to where you want, but you will pay an additional fee if you do not return it to a station. A station is marked as a square and the number inside is the number of bikes at that station. A virtual station can have a maximum capacity in which case the number will be written X/Y where X is the number of bikes and Y is the maximum capacity of the virtual station. The thick red border is a geofence. If you try to go through this border the bike will start braking until you come to a stop. Turn around and get back inside the geofence.

Return the bike without using the app

When stopped, click either brake 3 times quickly. The light will go yellow (contacting server), green (success) and then switch off and the rental is over. If however they do not switch off, the bike has not been returned. Either there is not a good enough GSM / GPS signal so you need to move a bit to a place where more sky is visible or else you are in a red part of the map where you are only allowed to return to a station and you are not at a station. Try to end the rental in the app to see if a reason is given for not being able to end the rental.